Barcelona now the ‘smartest city’ in Spain …

It’s official … Barcelona is now the “smartest” city in Spain!

According to analysts at IDC, Barcelona stood out above 44 Spanish cities, each with a population of 150,000 or more, reviewed in IDC-Spain’s “Smart Cities 2012” survey. Last year’s ranking placed Barcelona in second place behind Málaga.

But, this year Barcelona bested the four other urban finalists in IDC’s “Top Five” ranking — Santander, Madrid, Málaga and Bilbao — by scoring highest in criteria that contribute to intelligent urban planning and highly habitable cities, including (roughly paraphrased from the Spanish reports we’ve seen): financial sustainability, public-private collaboration, citizen and private sector involvement in the life of the city, development of efficient administrative systems and the promotion of innovation.

Barcelona came out on top because of its track record of encouraging collaboration among private service providers, universities, regulators, local government administrators, not-for-profit organizations, citizens, technology companies and research centers.

Hat tip to Miguel Ángel Revilla @RevillaMiguelA for the first pointers to this story via Spanish newspaper El Periódico.


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