Mobile World Centre a new kind of ‘Homage to Catalonia’ …

Hot on the heels of the Oct. 6 announcement of the new MWCapital Advisory Board, Barcelona Mayor and MWC President Xavier Trias and Telefonica CEO Cesar Alierta have inked a deal worth €7.8 million, included in which is Telefonica’s donation of space in its landmark building on Placa Catalunya that will house the new Mobile World Centre.

That’s right, the old telecoms exchange that was the strategic objective of Republican infighting that none other than George Orwell described so graphically in his ‘Homage to Catalonia’ will now become the hub of Barcelona’s bid to live up to the title of “Mobile World Capital,” bestowed upon the city last year by the GSM Association.

The new “Centre” (British spelling reigns, we are reminded on the MWC website), is to open sometime after the New Year, ready in time for the Feb. 25th kickoff of Mobile World Congress 2013.

More information about the new Mobile World Centre can be found on the MWC website, here.


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