Mapping the Barcelona Tech Community …

What’s one of the best ways to show the global tech community beyond Barcelona what a vibrant and thriving tech and innovation hub the city and region of Catalunya are fast becoming? Well, by mapping the Barcelona Tech Community, of course!

So, we’ve launched the BCN Tech Map via Google Maps, knowing full well that only by BCN-sourcing the map and tapping into the community’s knowledge of who’s here, where they are and what they’re doing will it become really representative of the growing tech community in our midst. So, here it is … a BCN-sourced map of the Barcelona Tech Community to which anyone may contribute.

If you are part of a Barcelona- or Catalunya-based tech company, research center, not-for-profit startup, or virtually anything directly involving technology, just click on VIEW LARGER MAP to jump right in and put your organization on the map!

(Just one rule: please only edit entries of organizations with which you are somehow affiliated.)

Thanks in advance and … looking forward to watching this map grow online!



Posted on 19/10/2012, in Barcelona, Resources, Startups. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Hey Michael, I just saw that you were mapping out the startup landscape of Barcelona and wanted to turn you to a resource called Startup Genome which is doing a very similar activity.

  2. Thanks, Michael … actually not mapping out the startup landscape alone, as startups are just one part — a vibrant part, albeit — of the entire tech eco-system in any location. Really interested in mapping out all the other players and resources — government, university, not-for-profit agencies, device makers, back-end technology providers, traditional media players moving into digital … everybody in the value-chain who’s doing anything with technology in Barcelona. Startup Genome site sounds interesting, will check it out!

  3. p.s. on the startup mapping front, @PatrickHeneise also has shared that the node.js Barcelona Developer Group is doing something similar:

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