Jobs, Jobs and … Jobs! Who’s hiring in Barcelona tech companies?

So … you’re looking for work in Barcelona. Maybe you have a job and are looking for a better opportunity, with a startup perhaps? You’re out of work and want to reboot your tech career with a new company?

Or, just guessing … you’re from somewhere elsewhere in Europe or beyond and you’re thinking about relocating to Barcelona … but haven’t a clue about how to land a gig with a tech company here, much less what kind of paperwork is needed for you to get a work permit?

Well, you may be in luck, at least from the standpoint of where to look!

Welcome to JobFluent (, a new Barcelona-based startup that has just launched this week and promises to become “the ultimate source for startup jobs in Europe.” JobFluent has some good tips on its blog and you can also follow their BCN job Tweets via @jobfluent.

Of course, JobFluent isn’t the only online technology job-search game in town. There’s (, a spinoff of Heurística that’s been around since 2008 and bills itself as “a career resources site based in Barcelona, for people and companies oriented to innovation, research and technology development.” You can likewise follow B-Value on Twitter via @b_value_jobs.

There is also, of course, the Twitter pure-play job search engine, The Job Tweets, and if you run a search for Barcelona you’ll come up with a current list of job Tweets looking something like the one at this short-link: The Job Tweets can be found on Twitter at @TheJobTweets_ES

Interested in working for the recently minted Mobile World Capital Foundation? You can find their employment listings online via the Mobile World Capital LinkedIn page ( and you can also follow their Tweets of mobile news and the occasional MWC job posting on Twitter @MWC_Barcelona.

And, speaking of LinkedIn, do NOT underestimate LinkedIn advanced job search capabilities, where if you run a search for technology jobs within 50 kms of Barcelona you will come up with a current list like the one you’ll find at this short URL:

Lastly, but certainly not least, there is the Jobs Search Engine of Barcelona Activa, a little more complicated than the other options listed above, but certainly comprehensive in terms of rooting out those technology-related jobs across multiple industries in Barcelona and Catalunya.

Now, in case you’re new to looking for work in Spain, perhaps looking to pitch up on Catalunya’s shores with code rumbling around in your head and a digital CV in hand (figuratively speaking), you should probably take a look at AngloInfo’s Working in Spain: Finding a Job. Scroll around and check especially on the left nav bar the sections on Visas & Work Permits, Employment and Starting a Business, to really get your head around the bureaucracy you can expect to encounter and how to work your way through it to landing a job in Barcelona!

Anything we’ve missed? Let us know … we’ll be reposting these links to a BCN Tech Jobs page accessible across the top nav bar of our home page and would be happy to include any other links to local employment sources in Barcelona’s thriving tech sector.


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