Are you App’d up yet? Get ready for App Planet at Mobile World Congress 2013 …

App Planet floor planAre you App’d up yet? If you just can’t get enough of mobile applications and everything in, around, by and for apps … then you’re probably looking forward to the fourth annual edition of App Planet at Mobile World Congress 2013.

For the uninitiated, get an official overview here of what App Planet is all about.

Or, browse the summary descrips of the App Planet Pavilions and Zones, here.

But, what and who will you see if you buy your pass to Mobile World Congress 2013 and expect to spent a goodly amount of your time at App Planet?

Click on the App Planet ever-evolving floor plan (above) and you’ll get a pretty good idea of who’s signed up so far to exhibit in the App Planet Hall 8.1 in the New Fira Gran Via venue.

What you’ll see is actually pretty interesting. As the partially-booked floor plan here shows, industry big dawgs Intel and Mozilla are there with large pavilion size booths. Japanese and Korean development agencies have booked large booths for their apps-related exhibitors and there’s a large Catalan pavilion, as well. The hall is filled with buyers and sellers of everything app-related, creating a vibrant four-day mobile apps eco-system within four walls, as it were.

But, what is equally revealing from the floor plan are all the mobile advertising players in App Planet this year and how the number and size of their exhibition booths (larger than others, on average), would seem to indicate they’ll be a significant presence in the hall this year.  Check ’em out: MillenialMedia, Velti, InMobi, Adfonic, TapTap, Smaato, Leadbolt, BuzzCity, plus smaller networks like Madvertise, Airpush and others, are all in the hall this year. Barcelona’s own AdsMedia will be in the Catalan pavilion, while Amobee – the 2012 Global Mobile Awards winner in the “Mobile Marketing & Advertising Agency of the Year” category (not repeated this year) — so far has a meeting space near the entrance to Hall 2 at the Fira GV.

What’s it all mean? Does this signal the onset of the year of ad-based monetization for mobile apps? Or, is it all just a mad scramble for visibility in the global mobile advertising market, following Millenial’s much-toutred IPO at the end of March?

Or, maybe it just reflects  the obvious: that you can’t (never could) wrap advertising in any medium around thin air. You’ve got to have content and what the lineup of mobile advertising players at App Planet says is that in the mobile universe, content is still king — and for mobile advertisers, the king of content comes in the form of mobile apps.

So, what does one do when you know the king is going to be in the room? You make sure you’re there, too! The mobile ad networks recognize that their action at Mobile World Congress is taking place in and around App Planet and to be in on the action, they’ve nearly all moved early to reserve their space. They’ll be there, trying to sell to mobile apps developers and publishers the notions that their network is the biggest, the most revolutionary or most sophisticated, delivers laser-focused targeting, more ROI, greatest number of downloads and installs.

Any way you look at it, what is clear from the map so far is that the mobile ad networks will be in town end-February for Mobile World Congress 2013 and anyone stopping by App Planet will be hearing the messaging, loud and clear!

[Full Disclosure: I do PR and media relations work for a mobile advertising client, which does not happen to be one of those listed above]


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