‘Big Data’ comes to Barcelona in a BIG way … BIG DATA WEEK, April 22-28th

bdigital-big dataThe lament of a local tech entrepreneur in a recent conversation with BCN Tech Talk that “Big Data” gets short shrift in discussions of startups and technology here in Barcelona may not have fallen on deaf ears. Or, it may just be that his observation was a bit ahead of its time, because fear no more … Big Data is upon us here in Barcelona, well and truly.

We’ve known for several weeks now that the theme of the annual BDigital Global Congress coming up June 12-14th will be none other than “Challenges of Big Data,” promising three days of “thematic workshops, debates and networking around the challenges of managing and analyzing Big Data, the large amount of data resulting from the digital and mobile revolution.”

Big Data WeekBut, were it not for a tip from StartupDigest Barcelona about events at local “hacker accelerator” itnig, we might not have seen three itnig Big Data events in one week … and quickly realized that looming much, much closer than the BDigital Global Congress in mid-June is an entire week of Big Data panels, conferences and networking opportunities, all part of the global BIG DATA WEEK extravaganza taking place next week (April 22nd-28th) in 25 cities worldwide.

Already, we’re counting more than 19 events as part of the BIG DATA WEEK Barcelona goings-on, with more apparently being added to the program day by day. Not all events are for everyone — some seem decidedly academic in flavor, others more generally tech-oriented; some of the events are in Català, others in Castellano and a few in English.

With that in mind, and the reality that there are just too many to keep up with on our BCN Tech Talk events list, we’ll just take the easy option and point you to the event schedule, here, and let you get on with getting your head around Big Data and what it means for the future of technology in Barcelona.


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