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Barcelona gets ready to welcome ‘Unreasonable at Sea’, April 25-27th …

UnreasonableIf the “business of technology,” the seemingly never-ending startup quest for funding, the drive of the bottom line, the buzz about buyouts and deals and world-capital-this and global-congress-that is starting to wear a bit thin for you … then you might be encouraged to know that there’s also a considerable social entrepreneurship side to Barcelona.

And you might want to get ready for Unreasonable at Sea Barcelona, the three-day stop-over in Barcelona from April 25- 27th of the Unreasonable at Sea project, a curiously named enterprise with a noble cause, currently sailing around the world and making stops in 13 countries over 100 days under the ambitious banner of  “a radical experiment in global entrepreneurship to combat the greatest challenges of our time.”

Now out on the high seas somewhere near South Africa, sailing at who-knows-how-many-knots per hour toward Barcelona, the Unreasonable at Sea voyage began in San Diego in January and has brought together 11 social entrepreneurs with a rotating crew of 20 very distinguished mentors in an exercise aimed at showing how entrepreneurship can change the world for better. The voyage is a project of the Unreasonable Institute, founded in 2010 in Boulder, Colorado, and with an impressive list of accomplishments to its name so far. In just over two years since its inception:

• 70 ventures have gone through the Institute’s program;
• 86% have remained active after the program; with,
• 400 individuals employed by participating ventures; and,
• 71% of participating fellows successfully raising more than $26 million USD in funding.

Eleven tech-based global startups from the health, energy, education and Internet worlds won slots to participate as fellows in the Unreasonable at Sea voyage, beating out nearly 1,000 other applicants from more than 80 countries. The Unreasonable startups currently shipbound toward Barcelona include:

Aquaphytex: Providing clean water to 300,000 people w/out chemicals or energy (just plants);
Damascus Fortune: Nanotechnology that transforms carbon emissions into material for spaceships;
Innoz: Most used mobile-app in India. Designed to leapfrog internet. +120,000,000 users;
Guru-G: Educates and empowers teachers through a “gamified” platform;
The IOU Project: Shifting the dynamics of supply chains in apparel in a BIG way;
Solar Ear: World’s 1st digitally programmable and rechargeable hearing aids;
Protei: Wind powered, shape shifting, open source sailing drones that clean oceans;
Evolving Technologies: Radically affordable medical devices for maternal care in emerging markets;
One Earth Designs: Harnesses the sun for cooking & energy. Ranked best solar cooker on earth;
Prakti Design: Feeding 250,000 people daily with ultra-affordable and fuel efficient stoves; and,
Artificial Vision for the Blind: Artificial intelligence leveraged as a non-invasive cure for blindness.

Organized with the support of the Catalan Generalitat’s ACCIÓ agency for business development and entrepreneurship, Unreasonable at Sea Barcelona aims to bring together those entrepreneurs, some of the Unreasonable mentors and the founders of the Unreasonable Institute with Barcelona’s own local tech and entrepreneurship community for three days of public and private meetups, workshops and press events aimed at showing the world how unreasonable ideas when teamed with entrepreneurship can help to change the world.

According to Oriol Pascual, Director of Enviu Barcelona and spearhead of the local organizing efforts, the three-day stopover in Barcelona will include a large-scale welcoming event designed to bring together more than 800 individuals from the local tech startup, social entrepreneurship and investor communities to meet and hear the stories of the project’s founders, as well as a workshop linking up local entrepreneurs, students and some of the Unreasonable at Sea mentors.

Advance registration for the events is now available online, here. And, organizers are actively encouraging sponsorship of Unreasonable at Sea Barcelona for those who might be interested in the opportunity to associate their company or organization with the Unreasonable project, before, during and after the actual events in Barcelona.

We know you may already have seen this Unreasonable video at TechCrunch and/or Vimeo … but in case not:


Tech with a venue: Some end-of-week Barcelona tech events to catapult you straight into the weekend!

So, what is it with Thursday evenings and tech meetups in Barcelona? Actually, what is it with Thursday evenings and any kind of event, cultural, business, tech or whatever! There is this Barcelona obsession with piling everything onto Thursday evenings, no? But, we digress …

If you’re up for not one, not two, but THREE tech events this Thursday, then boy do we have the lineup for you! Leading off the whirlwind is the Coperfield space in Plaza Real, presenting Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius, director of the Danish startups program KaosPilots, who will give a presentation on the school’s 20-year experience in training social entrepreneurs in the art of “learning by doing” … could be interesting learning for BCN entrepreneurs, as FastCompany has singled out KaosPilots as one of the top 10 organizations worldwide for the training of leaders and entrepreneurs:

Thurs, 14 March, 6:30-8:00 PM
KaosPilots en Barcelona (
Espai Coperfield, Plaza Real 18, 1ª planta, 08002 Barcelona
Google Map:

Next up, at 8 PM is an “After Work – Open Bar – First Social Mixer” at the Hot Bar Tuset, presented by Barcelona Internet Startups, with the promise of with “No Speeches – No Work – Just Fun.” Group organizer and business entrepreneur-investor-professor and startup mentor Jeff Robinson stresses the importance of networking events like these to help startups find techies, capital and partners:

Thurs, 14 March, 8:00 PM
Barcelona Internet Startups Social Mixer: Drinks, Food and Networking! (
Hot Bar Tuset, Tuset 28, Barcelona 08006
Google Map:

Of course, if you tire easily of all the glass-in-hand networking, but get really excited when it comes to circuitry and pizza, then you might want to head on over to the Ajuntament’s Punt Multimèdia on Carrer Muntadas to get plenty of same along with other techies who share an interest in open-source hardware, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and more:

Thurs, 14 March, 9:00 PM
Raspberry Pi (zza) (
Punt Multimèdia, Muntadas 1-5, Barcelona, 08014
Google Map:

If all that isn’t quite enough to catapult you straight from Thursday evening into the weekend, well there’s always the bright-and-early option for Friday morning, with SaltoconRed and EasyStartup presenting Ivan Sala of SNTalent, who’ll be speaking at Hotel 1898 about SNTalent’s automated tech solution for those looking to find and hire the right candidate, and those looking to join the right organization:

Fri, 15 March, 9:00-11:00 AM
11th SALTAYUNO: En busca del talento perdido (
Hotel 1898, La Rambla 109, 08002 Barcelona
Google Map:

So, that should keep you busy toward the end of the week. But, if you’re the kind who just can’t help take a sneak peek at what’s coming up next week and beyond on the Barcelona tech event schedule, do keep an eye on our BCN Tech Events listing for other upcoming Barcelona tech meetups, mashups, booze-ups and everything else combining technology with a venue that pops onto our radar screen!